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 Indiana Esports Network (IEN) is a 100% volunteer-driven, educator led, free to students organization.  IEN is a collective of over 100 school districts across the state ranging in size, demographics, and socioeconomic populations all with the same goal:  to use esports as a vehicle to engage students who aren’t involved in traditional athletics or afterschool activities, to increase academic performance/motivation, to create an inclusive community of students that fosters social growth, and to provide students with meaningful opportunities to develop 21st Century skills and career competencies in a novel way.

 In a space that is filled with for-profit companies who seem to view students as a commodity to be monetized, IEN realizes that we only exist to serve students.  Students are the number one priority, and their education and personal growth is why we exist.  As such, IEN is built around empowering educators/coaches to invest into their students.  We do this through volunteer staff and advisors who organize and execute competition seasons and special events, just like you would see in traditional sports.  IEN currently organizes competitions for approximately 15 different games for schools across 3 different enrollment divisions at the high school level, in addition to middle school, and unified competitions in conjunction with Special Olympics Indiana.  In addition to league/tournament administration, IEN provides support and training for coaches to assist their programs. And IEN does this all currently at no cost to students, schools, or districts through the sacrifice of volunteer staff and the generous support of partners and sponsors.



To prepare students for the future through collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking through video games and esports.


The vision of IEN is to provide a competitive environment, while focusing on:

  • Students are #1- Students are the priority, they are the reason we built our program

  • Positivity in the Community – Be a role model for positivity in the gaming community. 

  • Inclusivity- Gaming is for everyone. All students should feel welcome and valuable.

  • Fair Play- Provide consistent rules to keep a level playing field

  • Fostering Guidance - Providing a place for students to compete in and learn esports and helping schools build programs


The Indiana Esports Network is a non-profit esports organization composed of public, private, and parochial schools in the State of Indiana.  It is the mission of the IEN to do the following:

  1. Provide an organized esports league for participating schools and school districts (“members”) that offers the structure to be able to schedule regular season and playoff matches between members.

  2. Offer guidance to member schools regarding the funding and continual improvement of their esports programs.

  3. Offer an open and inviting environment that is free of judgment and prejudice. Everyone who participates in esports is equally significant. Bringing students of all backgrounds, races, gender, or socioeconomic status together benefits the community. 

  4. To provide opportunities for ALL students to use esports as a platform to acquire critical communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills needed to thrive in work and in life.

Board of Directors

Indiana Esports Network is governed and operated by volunteer directors. 


Chris King

Board Member


Nick Parcell

Board President


Dylan Gentilcore

Board Secretary

Trevor Smith

Board Member

Joe Wilhelm

IEN Director


Carlos Melendez

Board Member

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